how to create an app for android without coding?

To create an app for android without coding is an easy task but you need to follow some basic principles to make your app or app web page successful in today’s world.




creating an app without a name is a very risky thing. Whenever somebody sees the name they think that it is useless and without any credibility. So make sure to make it unique and impressive for the users.


When you create an application for android without a proper description you don’t get any credit from the app store, you also lose the chance of selling the app and sharing it with your friends. So, before creating an application be sure that you have developed a convincing and strong application.


Creating a user account is an important process, you must have proper user database. You can create an application without a proper user database but if you do it without any proper definition it will not work. So, create a database with proper user information. You can share your application or your user application with your friends and friends of your friends and create some groups so that they can be aware about it.


You should start a new app or a new web page from the current web page and you should be able to start that application or web page from that beginning but it’s not always easy to create an app. If you get a bug in the app, you will create a new application without knowing what you are creating or