high cpc keywords for youtube

Your youtube channel has to be hosted on youtube so it will have high ranking.

 YouTube rankings are like google rankings. They’re pretty different. High cpc videos go up in the search results as they rank high. 

But the placement doesn’t last. So it’s kind of like trying to break into a commercial during high tv ratings, once the set is over high cpc videos are usually deleted. The only exception is if you have a large viewership which is rare, then you have a chance. And there is another way but this is more for the commercial side and less for the youtube channel. 

When someone creates a video, the service most likely only sees the title, a short description of what the video is about and what the service offers. 

The videos also contain high keywords in them. So the commercial is supposed to go on the first page and make it there. But this is only done by the set ads. Why does this happen? Because the set ads actually go through keyword analysis and that takes place on google. So