earn money without investment Not that I wouldn’t recommend investing, I mean of course to earn the maximum return, or to make an investment in an exciting startup with the intention to sell it and reap the income.

 If you’re looking for money, but not for the risk involved, then, without a doubt, a scheme like earn can be a great option. In a nutshell, earn basically means that the investor buys shares in a startup, or borrows money to buy it.

 If a startup succeeds in earning good profits, then the investor can collect the profits. You can compare earn to the classic investment in a start-up, because with earn, there is no commitment or risk involved in taking an investment. Instead, you can invest in the best start-up out there. 

In return for your investment, you can earn money over a period of time. The earn money usually comes in three ways, which are: Dividends: An investor gets a dividend that comes in whenever a profitable business takes out money from the money it has earned from customers. 

This profit is paid to the investors, unless the business is sold, in which case the investors will only get the sales proceeds. Bonds: In this case, investors buy bonds of a startup.

 Even if the business is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, investors buy bonds of the startup. If