earn money from google

We recently found out about Google Reasonable Doubt that grants access to the search engine to law enforcement officials in the US and UK.

Any search under my account, earnings, or even our user from yesterday is now visible to law enforcement. Even if I don’t have a warrant. Even if the person searched was on a bot site. Even if you think your internet is “off limits”, or “private”, or anything else, google is and always has been. It is a public database and no one is ever truly private.

If you have earned money through google search that you would like to keep private, you can do this with a simple process using Google Reasonable Doubt.

WTF is Google Reasonable Doubt?

It’s a platform that gives access to Google to police officials in the US and UK. Through Google Reasonable Doubt, the sites that generate income are removed from search. Search engines are such a massive source of income that the people that generate this income have the privilege of being removed from search, unless of course you have a warrant. It’s a very powerful tool, and if you don’t know how, don’t try to earn money through google by saying that you are searching only for ads. It is far from a full version of a warrant, and is just a very limited part of it.

Google Reasonable Doubt allows access to the search engine and provides only a small portion of it. It’s still a big privilege, but far more limited than a warrant that would give full access to everything from a person’s personal accounts, to the contents of their laptop. A warrant allows the police to seize and search everything you have.

What’s interesting is that it is only available to law enforcement officials in the US and UK, and only when a person has earned money through Google search that they would like to keep private. This isn’t supposed to be a benefit for individuals. It’s supposed to be something that the government decides who can access the data.

Let’s use this opportunity to get people talking and tell people how to be compliant.

If you’re a person who earns money through google searches that you wouldn’t like to have in a warrant or account removal, here’s how to secure your data