earn money from google play store

Today my brother, who is 16, received his pay and thanked me in the email. He got a nice sum of $0.40, which he won from his play store game that he was playing for a few hours. He won it by playing in a mini game.

His email to me was also nice (I’ll put the screenshot here):

Dear mama,

I did play a game from Google play store for few hours. I had earned $0.40 and they gave it to me.


Your brave and devoted son


To my friend who got a job at Starbucks, from the money he earned for the real world play, here is my message:

My brother played some mini games for 1 hour at google play store earning $0.40. His pay was from some credit card payment we used to buy some products that had a google pay account, which gave a pay from 0.8 per day. It was 2 dollars total. He then bought two movies in google play store. He won both of them and was excited to see some money in his bank account.

I sent him the credit card payment receipt and told him to use it for the cost of the movies. After getting the receipt, he went to play another mini game and earned another $0.40. He also purchased 2 google play movies. This time he used the original credit card payment receipt and went ahead to play the mini game. He won both the movies. After getting the receipt for this purchase, he used it to earn another $0.50 from playing the mini game.