create thumbnail for youtube and find me a poster or poster that really caught my eye. 

Maybe we can create a new slogan for this campaign like MAKE PEOPLES WAY OR WRECK IT! Make your posters and videos and please share them on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, vine and maybe even youtube. Thanks. 

Here is the graphic for your use. (Take your time and make the paper yourself. I created this graphic in a new program and have no idea how it was created.) show me your video. i want to know what you created and what you created. for everyone on youtube: Share this Graphic! Share Tweet FUN FACTS ABOUT THE OLD VINE CHANNEL Nearly 900 million people use youtube every month. 

You can make videos for free. Now people upload more videos than ever before. 88% of the world is on facebook now. More videos are being uploaded every year than movies in America. 

No one has invented a way for teens to view youtube videos. Facebook has more than 800 million daily users. WATCH AND SH