create google adsense account on youtube, write some code on google spreadsheet and then save as google spreadsheet. 

Save this as google spreadsheet and save it to google file share. Then go to google files share and upload google spreadsheet. It doesn't matter how you create the google adsense account in youtube but it is the most important part of google analytics account setup for your website. 

On youtube you can simply go to the video you created with youtube adsense and upload it, then save it as youtube ad in youtube. 

If your youtube account is linked to another account then you can easily set up the adsense account by visiting your dashboard and connecting the accounts. So here is the full code of creating google ad account and uploading it to google sheet. Register your account and create google ad account for youtube Google Ad Account Setup Step by Step 

Step 1: Select the client and then choose Google Analytics as the client for the account creation. 

Step 2: Once you connect the client, google